Thursday, November 18, 2010

walkabout palm springs

we stayed in palm springs 4 days and 3 nights for our wedding. three of those days were pretty much packed full of action and not a lot of relaxation. the last day we were there...the day we left, we woke up early to go for a walk around our neighborhood and scope the local architecture. right outside our front door was this rainbow. good sign...

one of my favs....and for sale!

one pink door please...and a reflecting pool in front!

LOVE the doors to this house's courtyard

we discovered this cool little duplex complex near the house we were married at. lots of out of state license plates in the driveways. we were daydreaming about owning one ourselves. some residences of these homes spiced up their spot with brightly colored doors or interesting landscaping.

and funky retro mailboxes..

simple desert landscaping done right

the only black man in palm springs...and he was doin it right! he tricked his golf cart into a rolls. we also got a thumbs up from him. i want to hang with this guy.

welcome to my new house...

this wall is hot

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Bill said...

great architecture tour