Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i LOVE the mail

i get so excited when i come home and see a thin, square box on my front doorstep. this can only mean one thing....NEW VINYL!!!! well the past two days have brought me three gems. i usually find my gold on ebay and sometimes it takes awhile for them to show up....ah hem $5.99 shipping and handling! but it's all worth it when it's arrives. the smell of old vinyl sometimes reminds me of rose oil. maybe it's from the hippies i buy it from, but i love it. and to see that shiny black wax without a scratch or warp in sight makes me ponder who owned it. someone that has kept it safe and respected the tunes inside. maybe they thought they'd pass it down to their kids one day as i do...but instead it was sent to their surrogate child from afar.

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