Wednesday, September 23, 2009

langhorne slim

WOW. what a serendipitous day. it all started when i ventured to san pedro to pick up some muy delicioso cerviche @ Baja Fish. i ran into my pal Vinney Vegas who i haven't seen in ages. we caught up and before i left, i reminded him i was dj'ing next wed in LB. he then told me our mutual friend told him about "this really amazing band playing @ Fingerprints tonight". humm...been awhile since i've see a show there. maybe i'll check it out.....

on my way home over the bridges, i received a text from another friend i was trying to link up with for work. he wrote me about this "quirky/folky ramblin' rock (band) with souped up Americana sensations- Langhorne Slim". now two randoms in one day means i must go! and go i did. what a treat. these four guys have a unique, backwoods, soulful sound i totally embrased. i can't wait to check them again @ the Troubadour in Nov. until then, i have the memories.

cheers to serendipity. and cheers to that light fixture above the stage! every time i see a show here i'm reminded what a cool lamp that is. the light it creates is nothing short of brilliant. it reminded me how much i wanted the Vava from Ikea.

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