Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mama mia ikea...

i scored at Ikea last weekend. i went in to buy a Jute rug and ended up finding some lovely buys for the homestead. i'm a sucker for cool design and this pepper grinder caught my eye and wouldn't let it back. it works like a champ and looks great too. score #1.

Spraka Pepper Grinder

oh yeah, i also went to try and find a frame that fit a prints i've had rolled up in a tube for too too long. Ikea tends to have weird sized frames but this visit produced one that worked. score #2

And then i saw it.... THE LAMP. VÄVA! or Vava-voom as i'd like to call it. this hanging, woven beauty is CALLING MY NAME...but i just don't know where to put it. i think i stood staring at it for longer than i should have. i was mesmerized. i held myself back from purchasing something that didn't have a home, but the four stacked boxes left in this store made me a bit nervous. "what if they're not available when i come back?" "what if i walk away from this and never find it again?!" (it IS on the rare side in the Ikea world) well i maned up walked away but not after taking some fan photos on my Storm.

Ikea: VÄVA

and last but not least came the jute rug, TÅRNBY as they like to call it in the sweedish warehouse. i opted for the largest size and it's a gem in the bedroom. score #3.


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