Thursday, September 24, 2009

yes please!

60's red metal gravity shoes

kay braco painting

vintage yellow iron chandelier

mid century desk with 4 drawers

vintage male form

apple shaped serving tray/wall hanging

red mid century side tables

mid century wooden dresser with orange handles

vintage upholstered yellow tulip chairs

mid century wooden chairs with white vinyl seats

retro yellow fiberglass lawn chair

modern white chair with orange cushion

i want it alll ALLL (said in menacing voice).
this place not only has a gaggle of amazing items, but also ridiculously cheap prices.
i'm going tomorrow to check it for myself.
until then,
the location remains a secret.
ahhh hahahahahah!
to be continued.....


xuxi said...

Is this one single store????
I want it all as well!! :p

UNI said...

yes!!! crazy i know. i STILL haven't ventured over there but it's a place called this is not ikea in LA. their link is in my "sum favs" list. check it!