Friday, September 18, 2009

the legend of UNI

this legend has a japanese theme.

about a year ago, i was eating sushi @ my local nosh spot with my co-dj Elvis, when i had a moment of doubt about XXXclusive. i was feeling kind of "over it". was the XXX too much? were people going to see that name on the bill and think they were about to see some hardcore action? (well this part i kinda liked). insecurity i guess you could call it.

E and i were having some sake infused banter about new dj names for both of us. they all were either sushi or japanese related and all pretty silly. well UNI came up and i really liked it. this was the "new" me on the dj scene. E was a little unsure of my new leap to a different name. he thought the XXXclusive was funny and i had a history with it.

well uni has never made it to a show flier, but i've taken it on as my screen name for this blog and my profile. so it's found a place in my life and i still really like it.

i like to switch up my laptop wallpaper pretty often and right now it's a bunch of 80's 45's of old skool hip hop singles. i've been staring @ this screen day in and out for over a week and never noticed until yesterday that one of the 45's was produced by uni records. i LOVE the logo and of course the history of lable and NAME. it's all in a name folks.


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