Monday, February 8, 2010

dark star

bathroom buddah:
fortune: you enliven the room
lucky numbers: 03 12 16 34 40 07

the bf's cousin santiago, aka tato, is an artist and this is one of his paintings. i love it. it's made it's way around the casa and now lives over the toilet. i figured the males visiting this room will enjoy it most while they do their biz. lots to zone out on...

and this original photo of a japanese toilet (benjo) was bought in a thrift store in san pedro years ago. a pisser for the pissers.

i like rocks. i like crystals. you can call me dark star. i scored these rock/crystal votive holders "made" in portugal last week from marshall's. i haven't been there for ages and this is all i bought. i can't bare paying full price for anything anymore...even at marshall's discounted prices. THRIFT POWER!

they glow from within when they're lit up. RAD.

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