Friday, February 26, 2010

let's get this party started!

(yes, that's oatmeal underneath all the flair)

big weekend ahead...
tomorrow i'll be cruising the lb harbor on a the rain...with about 80 people and two dj's for a big going away party for my friend emily. emily is venturing down under, away from her job in costa mesa, to the office where the aussies play. should be a good one.

new guerrilla garden dig with birthday boy, ahem man, scott and crew. if you're around, i highly suggest you come check it out. great fun, cool people, beautifying the city...what could be better.
7208 Carson St, Lakewood, CA on google maps.
This is the new spot we are going to be planting a guerrilla garden in on Sunday February 28th at 9 AM. It's at the San Gabriel bike trail entrance at Carson st. I think you can park in the Walmart parking area near the gas station and use the foot trail to get to the spot. It's a bit large so we most likely won't get it all planted in one shot. So we'll be coming back at a later date to finish it off. If you have a tool you like to work (dig) with please bring it but if you don't have any don't worry because there will be plenty of tools to go around. All plants will be supplied by SoCal Guerilla Gardening as this is a full sun - no water location. It's right next to the Town Center so maybe we can go out to lunch after we're done.

and maybe, just maybe, get a dog from the pound somewhere between all of this.....

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