Monday, February 22, 2010

store it in style

one of my fav tv cooks is giada de laurentiis aka bobblehead. her cooking style is clean, easy and fresh. i also love her kitchen decor and appliances. i look at them as much as i look at the food she cooks. i've been scoping her flour/sugar storage containers for a long time, trying to figure out where they came from. i've looked EVERYWHERE and nothing came close.

in classic the secret fashion, i envisioned it and it came. it arrived in the form of a big blue and yellow box...ikea.

i was STOKED to see these porcelain and acacia wood babies...and then i saw the price. THE PRICE!

boring, stylel-ess food containers can cost a small target.
these: $4.99/ea.
yeah, i almost started screaming. the bf happened to be shopping with me this day so i kept it under control so he wouldn't flea the scene.

thank you sweeden.

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