Friday, February 19, 2010


ah yes, the lovely city of irwindale. for those of you that have no idea where this gem is, just drive to the end of the 605 and hang a right. i was there yesterday for a meeting and in classic me fashion, did a quick swing by the local thrift. this time yelp led me to community thrift store in covina. the reviews were eye catching..."large as a grocery store", "super organized", "something for everyone". we'll see about that.

there was a grip of inventory and it was super organized but i didn't find much. i did a loop around the outer perimeter, checking out the books, lps, home goods and textiles...skipping the center clothing island. no time for that jazz.

here's my "finds":

sweet desk in great condition for only $45 but it was HUGE. no room in my casa or car for this guy. but what a deal.

pour some sugar on me

covina apparently has a large hispanic population which was evident in their lp selection. menudo goes to space.

come sit on my lap little boy....

old skool vs. new skool

this one i actually bought. thought it would go well in my banda corner. i was hoping for some rad ranchero music. it's ranchero but not so much rad. two thumbs up for the cover.

digging this 45 holder that is not only numbered but in primo condition. $2 holler. i've got 45's coming out of my ears so this puts some of them in order vs. the shoebox they've been living in.

i didn't buy much at this spot..just the 45 holder and a couple random lp's (debbie deb, stacey q, marachi and tj banda) but i enjoyed the community thrift. i think it could have potential if you were local and went often. as for me old irwindale, it's going to be awhile til i see you again.


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