Saturday, May 8, 2010

Long Beach Bike Fest '10

this friday-sunday is the long beach bike festival. events galore going on downtown for every level of rider. so happy i live in a city like this. oh! and by the way, may is bike month so hope on your whip and get moving...

earlier today was the 30 mile Tour of Long Beach which took riders on a scenic loop around the city. through neighborhoods, parks, beach and the LA "river".

next up was the grand prix, an 0.83 mile course downtown. this is where you'd come to get your spandex on, and a $10,000 prize if you win!

hipster bike polo

the bmx zone

tomorrow should be another fun day with the 4th Street in Motion Fest. shopping, beer garden, live music, BIKES, movies: The Triples of Belleville/Riding Bikes with Dutch, food, rollerderby...the list goes on. this goes on from 11-5. check it after you hang with mama!

and don't forget i'm dj'ing tonight on 4th st. at the Pike with elvis. 9-close. strictly vinyl.

good ol' long beach............

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