Monday, May 17, 2010

stolen moments

i've got carrots blowing out of my fridge. i've made muffins with them, i've used them in savory dishes but am starting to draw a blank. (csa basket) so when i ran across roasted carrot salad from lovely morning blog, i had an ah ha moment. i made it almost the same except i changed a few things. i omitted the fennel and used only one bunch of carrots (but i wish i used more since they were so damn tasty!) i also mixed this combo up with some organic, red quinoa. cool the quinoa and carrots to room temp before you mix it all together and serve. SOOO delicious. i will make this one again for sure.

and for dessert from another blog i enjoy, pete bakes!, i found cookies i couldn't resist making. not only do i have carrots galore but also meyer lemons...i'm not complaining...from my neighbor with a tree. i thought the zest would be marviloso and i was right!

(cookie photos ala pete bakes!)
try his rosemary lemon cookies HERE

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