Monday, May 31, 2010

the 20 year old guerrilla garden

old growth

the man with a plan...scott

scott has been working this plot light years before guerrilla gardening was GUERRILLA GARDENING. he's been talking about the need to do some work here to clear out the weeds, re-plant as well as give a home to the many cuttings he propagates in his backyard. yesterday was the day.

it really blows my mind every time i show up to one of these events, the dedication scott has to the cause. the time and money it takes to grow the plants, the work to load and unload his truck with tools, trash bags and the stars of the show-the succulents and cacti, then the work to put them in the ground. all of this without a single dollar from the city and very little recognition. it's only been the last couple of years he's started to get help with his johnny appleseed efforts. what a legacy he's leaving behind!

i seriously applaud his great efforts as well as the volunteers that show up to these digs to make a change in our local community. i'm sore today from 3 hours of digging but it feels so good and i wouldn't want to feel any other way.

check out this old growth garden for yourself on Loynes Ave between PCH and Bixby Village Dr. in long beach as well his website for more eye candy. you'll be amazed.

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Scott said...

Thanks Jennifer for the fantastic post and the very kind words.
I had a great time working in the garden with everyone yesterday. I'm glad we all got out of there without having our fannies trimmed by a passing car. Is it OK if I use a few of your great photos for my site as I forgot my camera yesterday.