Saturday, May 15, 2010

down by the seaside

i'm at sfo international airport right now waiting for my plane back to long beach. i just spent the last three days with my dad on his new boat in sausalito. the ocean is this guy's element. i can relate. after his stroke he had to reevaluate a lot in his life. he no longer was able to practice law, the love of his life. this is a guy that planned to work until the day he died. sailing and flying airplanes were two hobbies he's had as long as i've been alive. once again flying was no longer an option post stroke so sailing has stepped into first place.

these past three days have been both peaceful and extremely stressful. watching a guy with balance issues getting on and off a moving boat is nerve wracking. i saw him almost fall a couple times inside the boat and i wanted to lecture him on what the hell he was doing here. does he have a death wish?! no, he has a passion.

he kept saying to me over and over these past few days, "isn't this the life?!" it is....if you don't think about it too hard. i'm scared to death he's going to fall off the boat and drown or crack his head inside the cabin while no one knows but i have to remind myself that he is happy here and more content than ever.

i admire his ability to make new friends where ever he goes and make the most of a situation. he's an adventurer, even in his weakened state. i get frustrated and he pushes on, smile on his face and wind in his white hair. many times this week i've had to go to my happy place so i didn't become the safety police.

i'm so glad he enjoys where he is right now. it's taken awhile for him to find his new spot in life. and life on the sausalito bay ain't half bad.

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