Friday, December 11, 2009

how you like DEM carrots?!

aren't my purple carrots lovely?! i think so. every two weeks when our CSA basket arrives, it's like a surprise gift (well one that you pay for). what will be we be cooking this week? what new veg or fruit have i never tried or prepared that i will it or not. i really can not praise a CSA enough and highly recommend one if you have one in your area. it makes you eat fresh. it makes you eat local. it makes you eat seasonal. it makes you eat at home!

believe you me, there have been plenty of lazy days where i feel like walking down the street to the many different restaurants, hungry to take my money. but then i look at my fridge, full and colorful with far healthier food than i know i'll be eating "out there". this CSA keeps me in and for this i'm thankful. now instead of making that last minute rash decision to throw in the gloves and spend money for a mediocre meal, i'm using my creative juices in the kitchen to build my own masterpiece.

and they're white in the middle!

i decided to use them in the base of a pasta sauce with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, garlic and turkey meatballs. soooooooo booya!

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