Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the ghost of christmas past

today has kind of been a crazy one. the HELL of christmas has finally got to some near and dear. i've witnessed the insanity first hand while out in the stores today. the photo scanner at Target was NOT working with me and i found myself ready to screeeeem. then, while walking in the parking lot, i was almost hit by a possessed driver. whew! that's enough to take it out of you.

i came home to a cranky bf who was ready to be done with the whole thing (christmas) once and for all. personally, i love this season. the lights, fresh tree in my living room making my house smell divine, finding that special gift for the ones i love, family visits on the horizon and the friends i hopefully get to see while i'm home. to me, it's not about the receiving...it's about the giving. i get so excited to see the receiver open my present (many times from a thrift store), i could care less what i got. REALLY. the gift i give might not be worth a lot of money, but thought has been put into it and most importantly LOVE. i've already had the bf open 3 of his 4 stalking stuffers because i couldn't wait to see them on him and his reaction.

i found these pictures today in an old album while i was looking for a special photo to copy and give to my dad. these were taken when i was about 3. my family was still one cohesive unit, santa was real, barbies were cool, everyone was healthy and i didn't have a care in the world. family and friends are life. these are the true gifts i've been given in life and i cherish them dearly. every year around this time i try and step back and enjoy the little things i take for granted each day. today happens to be that day.


ginger boy celebration lap after the big unveiling...dad with his broken leg....

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