Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what's cookin in Betty's kitchen?

my older sister is a graduate of the Le Cordon Blue cooking school so as you can imagine, food is her thang. she's also funny as hell. today while diggin @ a LB thrift store i just discovered, i came across this Betty Crocker recipe box. perfect condition and the recipes are....ridiculous. christmas gifffffft!

not only freaky recipes, but freaky cool recipe box. love the olive green.

what biker do you know that parties like this?

as in roadkill?

campside quickie! my fav...

if you've come to the end of your trail in life, i hope this is not your last meal

arty likes to party and i like his cake

African Safari? como?

i kinda like this funky cake....

they said it, i didn't: Gay Ninety's Ice Cream Party. what was this supposed to mean in the '70's?

"Men's Favorite" category. my man wants more than some tomatoes and iceburg. maybe a cucumber and he'd be stoked.

yet another "Men's Favorites". men like hash. hashish.

springtime says baby pork to me!

go on, have your way with these peppers. just call them in the morning.

just throw all of your holiday leftover in a pan, white sauce it up and serve! don't forget the canned pears...

Fonduloha-American Classic....me thinks not.

mummm, hamburger pie. beefy!

jellied chicken salad for EVERY OCCASION!

i could go on and on but i think you've got the idea.

Leisure World- Seal Beach....you KNOW these cats owned Betty's best back in the day.

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Bill said...

My dad and I used to make corned beef hash n' eggs all the time. He called it 'Shit on a Shingle'