Friday, December 18, 2009

a helmet i can sink my teeth into

every time i see my mom...well ALMOST every time, she likes to bring up me riding a bike...without a helmet. she even took me on a fake shopping trip once to "go check out the new REI in town". she headed straight for the bike helmets upon entry and had no interest in the rest of the store. i know! i should wear one...but they're just so damn ugly. i've considered buying the classic skateboarding helmet for a little more style but i haven't got around to it yet...uh hem.

UNTIL today. i found these bike helmets/covers from a RAD and much need company, Yakkay. these are soooo up my alley.

yeah, i's a HELMET! super cool. i actually already have that hat in brown so i know it's a go.

or these...

and then throw some rad ear muffs on this baby.....

that's what i'm talkin about!

so i sent my mom the link so she could see that FINALLY someone made a helmet i'd be down to sport and then....THEN i realized....they're not in the US yet. of course. AUGH! i'll find one somewhere but i'm still glad someone, somewhere is on the same page as me. thank you Yakkay!

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UNI said...

the bf thinks these "can't be safe". when i ask why, he just says, "because". obviously he's not embracing them. bah humbug.