Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my headspace

my creation tonight....do it. try it. you'll thank me.

muddle in a mortar and pestle:
1/4 large jalapeno
some cilantro
candied ginger

once it's good and mushed up, added it to a shaker full of ice and 2 shots Kirkland vodka....that's right son! add some sugar...a good amount...and shake it like you're gonna brake it. sugar the rim up of a glass and pour it in with a splash of soda water.

i'm calling this the jalapeno gin....as in ginger....as in JEN.


Tom Bailey said...

The drink:

Very creative idea.

Sounds like a good one.

Erin Fisher said...

wow very interesting, it looks super yummy... hmmm must consider :)

Elie's Papel said...

mmm!!! looks really tasty... will try it at my next party!