Tuesday, December 1, 2009

reading rainbow

i am currently reading a beautiful design book, "Living in Style Without Losing Your Mind" by Marco Pasanella. his design philosophy is simple and clear and on point as far as i'm concerned.

(Marco's house. Notice the 12ft ladder in the mirror's reflection which leads to a shelf with a cookie jar. humor and design intermingling.)
"To have a great home, the point is, you don't need a platinum card for flair for fabrics. You need to know how to see"-MP

"To be really stylish, you need a touch of bad taste."-MP

"Continuous primping, poofing, folding, unfolding, stashing and dragging are signs that you are working too hard to be comfortable."-MP

"Burnished leather. Apple Pie. Miles Davis. Design is primarily a visual medium, it is not exclusively so. To be truly great, a design has to stimulate all our senses."-MP

"To be smart with money and gentle on the earth are not special hats but integral parts of everyday design."-MP

"To design is to play, to try things out, to take risks."-MP

"A home's power comes not just from what is seen but from what is treasured."-MP (like those chairs i lust over)

(Mario, his wife and son)

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laura said...

This is great - thanks! Loving your posts lately. Look forward to hearing about Turkey Day in LB. xxxx