Sunday, January 10, 2010

kids are kewl

during my road trip north last week, the bf and i stopped in Atascadaro to visit his cousin and his adorable family. before we arrived, we stopped at Target. my grandma from england had a rule which she lived by: never go to a guest's house with both arms the same length.

the cousin has a daughter who just tuned 1 and a daughter maggie who is about to turn 4. i know i was all about dolls at 4 so i was going this route at the store. last year she was into strawberry shortcake when i saw her so i thought i was on to something. WRONG. this little lady is hip. hip to the 4 legged friends. it's rad. immediately upon entering the house she greeted us with her cheery little voice as well as two of her friends, a horse and zebra.

her mom told us this year for christmas she asked maggie if she wanted a doll house. maggie's answer, "no mommy! i need a house for my animals." well mommy found a sweet john deer barn which did the trick. this is maggie's magic:

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