Sunday, January 24, 2010

guerrillas by the river

down by the river....


my best find of the day. luckily it was a seashell and not a crack pipe.

scott's propagations

adriana of anarchy in the garden...and proud GG and her husband hector trespassing..but in a good way.

the littlest GG's of the day who stole my heart. overheard by the little girl, "i know how to dig a hole. i want to dig!" and dig they did!

too cute!

adriana and i soaking up the sun after a successful dig


guerrillas on the move

the Ovation Channel was there filming the whole thing...look for it soon

trash collected from the site.

yet another successful planting with a great group of people on an amazingly beautiful southern california day. we are expecting rain next week so our plants will get a good start in this world.
cheers sidewalk doctors!

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