Saturday, January 2, 2010

a year in review

january '09 in big sur

portland trip in february for some much needed R&R as well as a college roommate's wedding

dj'ing with my partner in crime

spring brought the insanity of Expo West and the launch of Sambazon energy cans

1 year anniversary celebrated at the huntington library and gardens

a new home with the bf

free music at the local record store. got to love that!

triathlon #2-check!

bikes bikes bikes! #1 transportation in LB

never ending amazing sunsets via our family room window

summer "cooking"

the pike has been good to us....

LL's going away, but not really going away, party.

discovering the joys, satisfaction and new found friendships guerrilla gardening brings

the world of gluten free eating....

friends from near and far (Ireland in the HOUSE!)

the year of the A babies...sweet Aidan

miss anais

thanksgiving '09 hosted at our house with both families, stress but sucess

work christmas party. 4 years strong with Sambazon. the crew is just as crazy as ever.

a new camera for both of us that produces magical results.

four christmases celebrated this year: @home, with the bf's parents, with my dad and with my mom. whew. (picture taken in mom's guest bathroom)

1 year, 7 months of real, true LOVE. i couldn't have asked for a better gift in life.

what a year! it's been good but i think 2010 will be better. i'm looking forward to new adventures, more time with family and friends, travel and focusing on the future. cheers to life!


laura said...

ah...cheers to TRUE LOVE!!

Happy 2010 Frau! xxx

RORY said...

What a great year!! It's nice to have something like that to remember everything. Love it and love ya. xxxx