Wednesday, January 27, 2010

nifty thrifty

today after work, i rolled by my favorite spot- ye ol' thrift store. i have a routine when i walk in the door...quick stop to the purses to see if they have any standout clutches, roll through the textiles such as blankets, tablecloths, ect and then my mission begins. i strictly work the perimeter of the store where all the non-clothing items are housed. don't get me wrong, this place is PACKED with clothing, which happens to be super organized, cheap and overall on point for a thrift, but i don't have much patience for that biz. i go in, i get out.

i rolled by the lp's to see if there was anything good...or anything worth taking a picture of. today it was mostly the latter:

he's jazzy...he native...he's charlie barnet.

check out that organ!

honor your partner and learn some rope skipping, ball bouncing. hugh? i do like the graphics though. maybe i'll have to go back for this one to put up in the guest room.

i bought these two paint by number ponies. love them! they may not be "originals" but they're cool and i like the brushstrokes of the painter. really!

here's a sweet lp i picked up. the cover sold me. i haven't listened to it yet but i really don't care what it sounds like. the bf will be stoked on this one.

back of the lp: california gold. nice!

this ceramic baby is sweet. it's signed on the bottom but i can't make it out. regardless, the colors are very pretty and it has a beautiful finish

each side has an ocean looking round circle. i told myself i'd sell this on etsy, but i don't know now....

walnut cheese tray. back says, "ozark treasures- highway 65, ozark, mo." hummmm... this baby will be for sale on my esty site.

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