Tuesday, January 26, 2010

old school luv

today after meeting with my boss who just returned from a trip to utah, i was given this tasty bar to sample. he's homies with the owners of pro bar and always giving me their yummy treats to try. this is one of their newest flavors and by far my favorite.

gluten free, vegan, organic ingredients, 6g of fiber and 370 calories per bar. i didn't necessarily think peanut butter when i ate this but more nuts. probably because there are raw cashews, raw sunflower seeds, raw sesame seeds, almonds, raw brazil nuts, organic pumpkin and hemp seeds...the list goes on. as for the J in the name: pineapple, dates, papaya, raspberry puree and apples are in the mix. soooo yummy...and filling. no i'm not getting paid or kicked back any goods for this review but i will be on the hunt for more. try it if you see it. you'll thank me.

and how cool is the package?!

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