Monday, November 9, 2009


since east coast Fraulein is in LA for the week on business, what better excuse to visit my fav eatery, AOC?! i've been here three times now and each experience is tops in my book. my two dinner companions, LL and SB, were equally thrilled with the pick and each of us are dreaming of our next visit back.

now grab a napkin because i'm about to tell you a tale of what we ate and drool will most certainly start to drip out of that open mouth of yours.

goat cheese, dried figs and saba- you can't go wrong with this combo
roasted dates, parmesan and bacon- a MUST during any visit here
fried tetilla, quince paste and romesco- like a mini grilled cheese gone to heaven

baby gems, dungeness crab, avocado, lime- fresh, light, clean. YUM.

market fish (striped bass), spicy chickpeas, fresh yogurt- more please!

farro and black rice with pinenuts and currants- first taste of farro, a grain which is a complete protein. lovely with the other ingredients.

from the wood burning fire:
brioche with prosciutto, gruyère and egg- blow your socks off good. hangover cure of the century.

ibarra chocolate cake with spiced pepitas and dulce de leche ice cream

Flowers Vineyard- 2007 Perennial Blend- ****

8022 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, California

with full bellies we walked down 3rd st. towards my car and what should my wandering eyes appear----->

Dynasty anyone?

apparently this neighborhood has an infestation of head lice because the Hair Fairies, as they like to call themselves, is an entire shop dedicated to be "head lice helpers". i couldn't make this shit up.

across the street from the hair fairies was old homo riot

handbag anyone?

the food, the laughs, the catching up....all so fun. LOVE my friends. thanks ladies for another memorable night. now i'm off to work that 2000 calorie meal off.


david john said...

yum! I love aoc. almost went to tavern this weekend for bfast....

UNI said...

i haven't been there yet but it's def on my list. i will drive the DISTANCE for some good food!

laura said...

Very inspired!! :)

laura said...
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