Monday, November 30, 2009


my friend adriana is a huge force wrapped into a small package. i first "discovered" her via a sunset mag article on garden bloggers. i related to her and liked her garden philosophy. and then when i saw she was a fellow long beacher, i was even more excited. lb is a "small" town and turned out to be even smaller once i finally met her. we have a couple mutual friends...go figure.

adriana writes a blog, anarchy in the garden, which chronicles her adventures in her home garden as well as the many community garden events she's involved in. people are taking to her (as they should) and you too might see her on your nationally syndicated tv some day soon. she is teaching people one seed at a time that anyone can garden and produce food in their own yard.

check her out. buy a anarchy in the garden shirt to spread the word that DIY is where it's at. power to the gardeners! power to anarchy in the garden!

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