Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's amazing

what a fresh dye job can do for a person. yesterday i saw a recent picture of me in black and white and hot damn, my roots were out of control. then this am while i was working at my desk, a hair fell off my head and landed in front of me. it was half brown and half blond. i immediately called 911, or my hair colorist Erin as she's known to most, and booked myself for her next opening. thank god it was this evening.

so now i'm back to my blond self and feeling fine. even the bf noticed when i walked in the door tonight. he immediately told me i looked hot, especially my hair. (he didn't know my secret).

and this amazing picture of blond bombshell Jane Mansfield was found on a lovely blog i highly suggest you paroose- i love retro things. i'm always impressed with her finds. this picture is a fine example of one.

::::GOOD NIGHT::::

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laura said...

Frau, yes, this is both a deep thought and also a necessity.
Getting your hair done has the same after effect as yoga class - makes you feel good! Glad you are feeling beautiful.