Friday, November 6, 2009

i ♥ estate sales

i'm a sucker. a sucker for all things cool and old and where better to be a sucker but an estate sale! yes, they kind of make me sad. i think of myself and the items i've collected throughout the years that i hold near and dear. then i walk into an estate sale where a person's life is available for $$. sometimes i'm blown away what the family does not want...but then again, maybe there is no family left.

i sure hope my future kids enjoy my treasures. especially my vinyl! don't get rid of mommy's vinyl you little shits! sorry, i got carried away. now on to my finds:

$5 1st edition copy of Botany Bay By Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall. selling online for $95++. i was drawn to this book by the lovely graphic on the cover. my dad is a sailor and an avid reader. i thought this could be a good christmas gift for him. but now.....

primo condition inside

my fav of the bunch-children's wooden shoe mold from 1948

the lot- oh! and my red iron scale that works like a charm. this will be good for baking and weighing out my lbs. of cocaine.

now i'm off to find a home for my shoe.

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