Sunday, November 8, 2009


today i went to church. the church of guerrilla gardening with reverend Scott Bunnell-plant propagator extraordinaire and 20 year GG veteran. this man is a force of inspiration like i haven't run across in YEARS. the work he's done in long beach and surrounding cities is a legacy of it's own.

today's green sermon was one i will take with me and spread. the people i met today were a mix of young and old, highly experienced and novice. all worked together towards the betterment of long beach. street doctors as i'd like to call them. i can not wait for the next GG project and the interesting people i will meet. THANK YOU SCOTT!!!

the plot @ Orange and 18th in LB pre-planting

ANYONE can be a guerrilla gardener

all plants provided by Scott

Scott in action. documentary film crew recording it all

Peter, a neighbor to the plot and Cambodian immigrant, not only provided water but a helping hand and smile. he was a farmer in his native country and grew all the food he and his family would eat. Peter was beyond happy to have this new garden next to his house.

Peter dug in and joined us.

plant peace sign in the making


peter's perfect hole

agave peace sign

Scott's beautiful propagations

more neighbors coming out to help

3 bags of trash collected from this site

neighbors checking out our work

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