Friday, November 20, 2009

my mom and tukey day

tablecloth anyone?

my mom is a jill of all trades. busiest woman i know and she doesn't have a "job". well i take that back, she has a decorating business called Accentuate but that's really part time. she just finished designing and decorating a tree for the Metropolitan Museum, with Mateese as her given theme which was off the chain-pictures to come.

as you might know, she is coming to my casita for thanksgiving. she has offered to bring "whatever i'm missing. plates, decor, glasses, the FUN!" real quote. i just received her latest email with her turkey day offerings......

fall colored napkins? got some, thanks.

glass squash? and why are these hiding under a table?!

ahhh, the pc thanksgiving day couple. we don't support pilgrims in our house.

this is the same lady who years ago made my entire extended family make a crate paper "hat" for themselves...either pilgrims or indians. (i'm going to make her send me copies of those pics if she can find them. priceless) let me tell you people, the crowd was not to happy. since i was only 7 or so, i thought it was fantastic. i know she's going to bring the fun again this year. i hope the bf's family can keep up with my circus from home.

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