Thursday, November 12, 2009

beach greens-1st delivery

i used to live in Eugene, Or. and was a big fan of CSA's. i moved back to California in '01 and haven't been part of one since. LB has their own CSA- Beach Greens so i decided to give it a try last week. i'm already a regular at 3 farmer's markets near my house each week but damnet, i get busy with life and forget to stop by from time to time. now the market is coming to my house.

i've been anxiously waiting to see what will be in my first crate so i can figure out what i'm making for dinner tonight! as you can see, my options are wide and i can not wait to try it all.

first peek inside the crate--->YUM!

psychedelic veggies, my fav!

from the farm to my table. all so good!

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